The Real Reason He Blows Hot and Cold

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I can tell you how he doesn't feel about you. A man that runs hot and cold, here one day gone the next. One day he is super sweet on the phone or all over you in person. The next day it's like you are a bother. This man does not see you as a priority in his life. If he did, he would be scared to death to run hot and cold. He would be scared you would be gone. A man who treats you like a princess one day and a peasant the next does not adore you and probably doesn't see you as his forever girl.  Forever girls don't get the hot and cold treatment.

Guys have learned that there are a lot of women out there who will tolerate this behavior. It's the women before you that may have taught him this. They put up with it. He learned he really didn't have to do a lot to keep a woman around. He doesn't really value these women, but mostly because they don't value themselves.

These guys that run hot and cold will keep you in limbo for a while, but eventually they almost always disappear. What makes them disappear usually is a woman comes along who may present them with a higher degree of difficulty or a new challenge. He moves on in search of the chase. Sad though, they often toss you a phone call or text still, just to keep you in the loop. Crumbs, just crumbs. You are best off not to bother to bend over to pick them up.

If your guy runs hot and cold, it doesn't mean it's hopeless, they have been turned around. It's usually by another woman though who won't tolerate the cold. He gets intrigued and next thing you know he is in a serious relationship where he jumps through hoops for this woman and you are left wondering what does she have that you don't.

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Can't stand the cold and tired of wondering where you stand.  Turn the tables around and turn him to hot.

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The Real Reason He Blows Hot and Cold

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This article was published on 2010/10/12
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