Natural Remedies For Treating A Cold

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Sometimes it can be hard to escape that feeling tremouliares happens when you get too cold. A good immediate remedy for this is to wrap up a duvet and stick a hairdryer up it, (make sure the airflow is limited) until you feel warmed.

The cold is the escape mechanism of the body. When the whole system is overloaded it crashes. The body stresses out and the immune system drops the threshold. The nose releases toxic wastes in the form of mucous and body aches often feel exhausted. Pay attention to what your body is saying because an unchecked cold can be very serious if you keep it buried.

If you're one of those people who can say when you have a cold coming on, then it can be stopped, or at least minimized in various ways. Initially, the balance is essential. There is no way your body will self-heal in a stressful situation. If you need to work, take it easy or empower a bit more. Lemon juice, rose hips, parsley (not if you're pregnant) and fresh orange all contain vitamin C, so take them.

Some colds can actually be completely stopped dead by gently sniff a mixture of lemon juice and hot water up your nose, if you're brave enough. Pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds contain zinc which is important in cold prevention so take some of those. Otherwise its time to sweat those toxins right out enhanced through the skin. Start with a peppermint tea and take some garlic or garlic capsules. Then boil a large onion in milk for an hour, eat, and drink milk. Follow up with a steaming cup of lemon juice, honey, cinnamon and grated ginger which will stimulate circulation and sweating. Enjoy it in a mustard footbath which will also warm the blood - use multiple and layered remedies and take it as an opportunity to heal.

For a mustard footbath, take 1 tsp. yellow powder mustard and one household soda (if you have hard water) and put them in a deep basin with some water as hot as you can stand. Keep feet and lower legs in for about ten minutes, topping the bath up with fresh hot (boling) water. Dry off, put on thick socks and climb into a freshly warmed bed, the sooner the better.

Interference in real licorice candy or zinc lozenges is another excellent cold sore remedy.

Not all cold sore medication will work the same as for the other might be for you. You are unique and may have different causes or areas of weakness that should be addressed.

Do not be discouraged. You have to try different things until you find the perfect mode cold sore medicines that work best for you.
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Natural Remedies For Treating A Cold

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This article was published on 2011/02/19