How to use my cast iron radiator

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That time of the year when its cold outside you need to keep warm.  When your cold getting in from a working day you always put the heating on.   It is essential for old people to stay warm if its very cold outside. It is very important as crackling radiators are a rarity in this day and age but the record breaking cold temperatures that we have seen lately could cause this to happen.  During these times you have to watch the weather because of climate change affecting the way we live.
Radiators are always made from materials that you would think would stand a chance in cold weather.  
In the winter or particularly on a very cold day when your radiator is full of water it can freeze and the expansion of the freezing water can cause certain cracks. 
You can always avert these problems from taking place.  With Cast Iron Radiators we can install the tools to prevent this sort of thing from happening with our top of the range radiators. Every one of our Cast Iron Radiators comes with a frost stat and a thermostatic valve which will indefinitely keep out the cold.
This frost stat is a device that will override your central heating timer.  It automatically turns on your heating if the temperature drops. The thermostatic valve is very important during the winter period as it has a frost protection.  If the temperature is close to other valve will only allow a little bit of water to slip in.  Having these simple additions can save the lives of millions. 
Since they are made all the time they are very affordable.  If old looking radiators pick your fancy then they are definitely for you.
 In the Victorian times people lived in harsh winters and would easily die but thanks to the invention of cast iron radiators these occurrences died down.

If you’re feeling cold and uncomfortable on those frosty winter nights then you definitely need a cast iron radiator

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How to use my cast iron radiator

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How to use my cast iron radiator

This article was published on 2012/04/27