Get Rid of Cold Sores With Abreva Cold Sore Medication!

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Cold sores are caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1) which does not have a cure, but you can find ways to get rid of cold sores fast and help you get back to your life and higher level of confidence. There are many treatments available for the treatment of cold sores and their uncomfortable symptoms. The symptoms include fever, pain, cracking skin, dry skin, swelling and redness. To reduce the fever, swelling and pain you can an over the counter (OTC) pain reliever or apply a cold compress to the affected area. This will only offer temporary relief though; if you are looking for something a little more permanent or that works a little stronger than a home remedy you should consider one of the many products that are now available for the treatment of cold sores.

One such treatment is Abreva, which is a cold sore medication that offers relief from symptoms protects the affected area from the sun and helps the healing process. Abreva is available in most drug or retail stores in the pharmacy area and can be purchased without a prescription. When you are looking for relief, this is a product that offers that. You also need to make sure the area is clean before applying the medication to ensure you are getting the best possible treatment of the medication to the outbreak area. Good skin care is important when you deal with cold sores anyway, so the better you work to keep your skin clear and clean the better it will respond to cold sore treatments. You can also prevent outbreaks by keeping your skin clean and practicing healthy lifestyle choices.

When you are looking for a cold sore treatment you want something that works. Something inexpensive that offers relief and will help you feel more confident in your daily and social life. This can be done with the help of Abreva and some basic common sense about dealing with outbreaks that involve the skin and your immune system. Work with your doctor on prevention and maintaining a healthy body, then turn to Abreva in a time of need to get rid of cold sores.

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Although the symptoms of cold sores are uncomfortable to deal with, there are many cold sore medications that can help to reduce the healing time and prevent future breakouts. Visit our website for more information about cold sore treatments:

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Get Rid of Cold Sores With Abreva Cold Sore Medication!

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This article was published on 2010/03/29