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Cold Coffee Dispensers are cold coffee machines. They use powder or a liquid to make the cold coffee drink. Listed below are cold coffee dispensers from three companies that offer cold coffee drink dispensing at 55°F and below. All these machines run on a 120 volt 15 amp circuit. The following are counter models that are between 26.5 inches and 40 inches high from Grindmaster, Cecilware and Bunn.

Grindmaster has come out with a new liquid coffee dispenser that comes in a chilled model and an ambient model. Grindmaster's new liquid coffee dispenser models LCD-2R and LCD-2A have an operator portion override button for large volume dispenses. The chilled version has a thermal electric cooling compartment for the product and digital controls for the set-up and calibration. The ambient model keeps the product cold at 55°F based on a normal water inlet temperature. These bag-in-box dispensers dispense up to 320 eight ounce cups per hour.

Grindmaster Crathco G-Cool innovative premix cold beverage dispensers come in five configurations. The single model, C-15-16 has as a bowl capacity of 5 gallons while the C-2D-16 double model has two 5 gallon bowls. The Focus Flavor Triple has one 5 gallon bowl and two 2.4 gallon bowls. The Mini-Duo has two 2.4 gallon bowls and the Mini Quattro has four 2.4 gallon bowls. All of these dispensers have a patented Tri-Cool evaporator with a large 3 sided cooling surface that refrigerates through the bowl. For cold coffee, a 360° merchandizing cappuccino graphic comes with a dispenser that cleans in half the time of a traditional dispenser. These dispensers when using more than 2 coffee drinks offer other cold beverages such as cold tea and juices.

Grandmaster also offers a Crathco® Classic Bubbler D models with MCX Mag Drive impellers. They have stainless steel side panels and drip tray and a two-piece stainless steel, dripless pouring valve that is sanitary and easy to use and maintain. Its engineering allows full beverage cooling right down to the last drink. It has a super-strong, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate 5 gallon bowl or mini-bowl of 2.4 gallons with easy to read measuring units and a cover that gives lasting durability. This unit has an option for a 5 gallon frosted bowl surface that stimulates condensation while helping to hide product residue and offering added UV protection. Its unique evaporator and high efficiency pump cools faster and more efficiently for faster start-ups. Options include a spray and agitate circulation and whippers for frothier iced cappuccinos and coffee.

Cecilware's Arctic Series 20/PD premix deluxe cold beverage dispensers are classic bubbler style dispensers with magnetic drivem agitators. A one bowl pre-mix cold beverage dispenser offers a 5.4 gallon refrigerated bowl for longlasting refreshment while sacrificing minimal countertop space. The Artic deluxe and economy series are 26.5 inches high by 7 to 28.5 inches wide by 18.5 inches deep. The dispenser can be set for fast or gentle agitation to accommodate dairy products and is perfect for serving iced coffee, cappuccinos and other refreshing chilled drinks. The Cecilware Arctic 20/PE economy series has a 16 hp compressor and uses R134A refrigerant that will keep beverages chilled and ready for consumption for hours at a time. both run on a 120V electrical circuit and is UL and NSF listed.  The Cecilware Arctic Series comes in one to four 5 gallon bowl size models with an option for 3.17 gallon size bowls that hold a premix cold beverage. Because each bowl has its own motor, the four bowls operate independently of one another so that you have greater control over your beverages. The compact "slow" agitation series has a magnetic driven agitator and a very slow product agitation in 2.2 gallon bowls to reduce foaming. This series also comes as a one to four bowl model.

Bunn offers a Silver Series of cold coffee machines. The JDF models includes: Model BJDF 2 S which has two dispensers and a lighted graphics Gourmet Ice® cold beverage system. Model JDF-2S 120V Iced Coffee with filter has two dispensers. Both have an 8 lb. ice bank that provides superior cold drink capacity. Three JDF-4 S Modelscome as a basic model, one with lighted graphics and one with water ice coffee in four flavors. All of these machines has one dispenser delivers both frozen and ambient products increasing profits by lowering costs. All three 4 dispenser models have an 18 lb. ice bank for superior cold drink capacity. Both push-button and portion control are in the same machine.

Bunn notes that all five cold coffee machines offer a cost effective solution by providing superior performance in concentrated beverage dispensing along with assured drink consistency through there mixing technology. These machines pump and mix 2 + 1 to 11 + 1 beverage concentrations, including a 4 + 1 viscosity. The advanced pump is designed for easy setup, accuracy and durability. A 7 inch cup clearance easily accommodates cup size. The dispense flow rate is from 1 to 1.5 ounces per second. All come with a standard door lock. The only option available is a cold water dispenser.

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Cold Coffee Dispensers

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